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Why Don't We Get Married 

Their legion of fans thrive on the diversity of their music, which spans across multiple genres that include;R&B,  Country,  Funk, Americana, Rock, Blues and Hip-Hop influenced rhythmic raps. The universal themes, powerful & inspiring messages and captivating lyrics delivered in the eclectic collection of songs on the "Bridgewater Triangle" album, reach into the depths of human emotion and undeniably stimulate the imagination.


Reflecting the real world life experiences of their listeners. 

The synergy, distinctive flavor and harmony laden vocals of Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway Brewer shine like a heavenly light on this 14 track studio album.  


This harmonious songwriting team began their careers in the historical city of Elmira, New York, where they were vocalists in the outstanding Southside High Concert Choir.

Released Jan 19, 2016 | Bongo Boy Records

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