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About Karen Holloway Brewer

Composer and Musician, Karen Holloway Brewer, was born in Upstate New York. Born to two Music Teachers, Karen was naturally drawn to music at a very young age. In Elementary School, Karen chose Flute as her first instrument, and soon after, taught herself to play piano. At age 11, she was guided by her Father, a Band Director/Music Teacher, to begin taking lessons on Bassoon at Mansfield University.


Bassoon quickly became her favorite instrument, learning it over her summer vacation so she could continue playing in band once she entered Middle School. Playing the Bassoon opened up a wide array of opportunities, performing in several Community Theater Musicals, Concert Choir Orchestras, and music groups. By her early teens, Karen began composing music, and joined her first Rock Band, “Little Sister” playing piano and singing lead vocals.


Music has always been the driving force keeping her busy over the decades performing with various Rock Bands, writing and recording. It was this passion that drew Karen to join Robert Brewer forming their Duo, Inches From Sin, which originated in New England. Inches From Sin has allowed her to showcase her beautiful vocals, keyboards, and to continue creating beautiful music.

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